WILL THOMAS FREEMAN is an English film director who lives in Prague, Czech Republic. He has directed many award winning shorts and The Mushroom Picker's Daughter will be his debut-feature film. Will relocated from London to Prague in 2012 so that he could concentrate on his filmmaking without the obstructions and expense of life in the UK. Living in the former Eastern bloc has forced him to never become complacent and has gifted him with the patience and humour needed to deal with difficult situations. He never ceases to be amazed and entertained by the unpredictable events and attitudes that can be encountered here and it has dramatically influenced his narrative voice. Being cut free from the economic constraints of life in England has given his pen time to flow and his camera time to roll and allowed for his eye to have time to be nurtured and refined. Will has fully embraced what the digital age has given to filmmakers - he has written, directed, lit, shot, edited and graded all of his short films and so has a deep understanding of all aspects of the filmmaking process. Will has been working on the development of The Mushroom Pickers Daughter for the past three years and hopes that it will contribute towards a re-birth of true independent European cinema.
“Film for me is a distillation of all the arts and allows me to speak with more creative fluency than any other medium. I am enthralled by the power and impact of images and the hold they can have over people. I want to make films that people want to watch more than once, which convey complex ideas indirectly whilst being informed by, and echoing, the society in which I live. For me film-making is not just an interest, but a voice and a vocation.” F I L M O G R A P H Y THE MUSHROOM PICKER'S DAUGHTER (THE PREQUEL) - 2016 SNOW ANGEL – 2014
Best Drama (Limelight Film Awards) THE NIGHT TAXI– 2013 THE SPIRIT OF JAN PALACH – 2012
Best Film (Prague Film School Film Festival) FITTING IN – 2012 FADING– 2012 JELLY BABY– 2011
Best Short Film (Nominated – Budapest International Independent Film Festival)
Best Short Film (Nominated – South West London International Film Festival) ‘TIL THE SUN RESTS– 2011
Best Experimental Film (Limelight Film Awards) DREAM UP A REALITY– 2010
Film Nation Award for Best Overall Film (Film Nation Shorts Awards)
Best Short Film (Kids For Kids Festival) IF YOU GO DOWN TO THE WOODS TODAY – 2010
Best Horror Film (Nominated – Limelight Film Awards) DOMINO EFFECT– 2010
Grand Jury Prize (UCL Film Festival) AN INCONVENIENT CASE– 2009
Brabourne Award for Young Film Talent