A NOTE BY VICTOR NEGREA (CO-PRODUCER AND ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF THE MUSHROOM PICKER'S DAUGHTER) Towards the end of our film school program I was sitting at Kavarna Vojetcha in Prague on a delightful spring day waiting for Will. It was clutch time as our final projects were well underway and every one of us was trying to squeeze in as much preproduction as possible. Will and I had seen each other a few times, worked on a few different sets together and had a few friends in common, nevertheless we hadn’t had the chance to work on each others sets yet. Will had asked me to AD his final project, and I agreed to have a sit-down. I wasn't quite certain what to expect as each director and project require slightly different AD and production styles, nevertheless I was quite intrigued, as I had seen some of his work and something about his visual style and topics stood out to me. By that point I had accumulated sufficient experience in production and set management over the school program to be quite confident I could handle anything the project might need, nevertheless each new project gives you a feeling of excitement and anticipation which I always look forward to.
Will arrived with his backpack which held a mountain of preproduction documents which he dropped on the table in front of me. We ordered another coffee and started. Working with other fellow student directors had taught me that when it comes to the practical aspects of film making, directors tend to come up a bit short, thus you can imagine my surprise when I realised Will’s skills in organisation and production rivalled my own. After an efficient 1 hour discussion about his project (Night Cab), we had almost everything in place, simply needing to execute it. We both relaxed and conversation started drifting towards other topics. One of them was our common love of Prague, as we were both smitten with the city and it’s charm. Will briefly mentioned a project he was thinking of, which involved Prague as the main character, nevertheless we didn’t get into it at the time, as there were more pressing matters to deal with.

After successfully completing his project and graduating, we both went our own separate ways, nevertheless our successful collaboration stuck in the back of our minds. One year following our graduation I was living in Germany producing corporate projects, when Will phoned me. He started telling me that he had a script for a short film about human trafficking (Snow Angel). As I find the subject an important yet very often overlooked aspect of society I was thrilled at the idea. We started working on the production process and after a week of Skype calls we had organised most of it. He was going to shoot a part of it in Sweden, and the second part in Prague. Sadly due to budgetary constraints at the time, we decided that it would be best if I would join the shoot once they arrived in Prague. I packed my bags, took 2 weeks off from the projects in Berlin, got in my car and drove down to Prague. I arrived one week early to ensure that once they returned from Sweden the shoot would go as smooth as possible. And so it did. All the crew members that had gone to Sweden were happy to have a more relaxed shoot in warm Prague. 

The day on which I was supposed to drive back to Berlin, I asked Will how the feature script about Prague is going, I wasn’t honestly expecting the answer he gave me. ‘Good thing you reminded me, I wanted to speak to you about that. Would you like to see the script?’. Pleasantly surprised, I took the script and we parted.

Six months later, while working in London, I received another call from Will. It was an invitation to the Limelight short film festival as Snow Angel was nominated for best drama. Imagine my surprise when I found myself on stage holding the award for Best Drama next to the leading actress. The next day I called him, and enthusiastically started discussing the script for Mushroom Pickers Daughter, as well as when we can start production.

In may 2016, I had my tickets to Prague, ready to start shooting the teaser for the film. As it always is with film making we had temporal and monetary constraints, nevertheless my personal work ethic is that the end result is the only thing that matters in film making, and the teaser is a result I can proudly say I helped create.

Each new production we have worked on so far, has been increasingly challenging, nevertheless the new challenge is exactly what motivates me, as it allows not only growth, but also pushes me us to develop ever stronger professional skills.
Not only do I believe that the story of the film is one that perfectly portrays Prague as a city and the charm it sets on anyone who visits it, but also that my own experience in law and filmmaking along with the very strong work relationship Will and I have developed over the years, will allow us to create a high quality production, which tells the story of this central European mistress.