SNOW ANGEL (2014) - Shot on location in Northern Sweden and Prague on a budget of 2000 GBP. Eliška and Jana, two girls blessed with Hellenistic beauty, live in a snowbound, desolate, village. Here they while away their days dreaming of escape from their boring and poverty-ridden lives. Luckily for them they possess the only means of escape from such a life - their youthful, slavic beauty. Unfortunately, it is not only the fashion world which desires these delectable attributes... 'Snow Angel' deals with issues such as the growing problem of sex trafficking and the exploitation of women in europe whilst also further exploring and expanding upon the director's views on the Philosophy of Beauty. Starring: Mirjana Mrdjen, Natalie Thander, Elias Nilson Directed, written, edited, graded by W.T.Freeman Co-produced by Victor Negrea