(STARRING AS THOMAS CAREY IN THE MUSHROOM PICKER'S DAUGHTER) My name is Edward Cartwright and I am an actor with a decade of professional experience on stage and screen. It has been my privilege to play such roles on the London stage as: Brutus in Julius Ceasar, Lysander in Midsummer Night's Dream, Laertes in Hamlet, the eponymous hero in Dr. Faustus and Dr. Watson in The Scarlet Letter. Also I have toured extensively with The Trench by the internationally renowned Les Enfants Terribles, which culminated in a sold out month long run at the world's largest arts festival, the Edinburgh Fringe. My screen roles include Sherlock Holmes in the docudrama How Sherlock Changed The World that was funded and broadcast nationwide in the USA, Canada and Europe. Most recently, I have appeared in the ITV drama Dr. Thorne, written by Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellows and starring Tom Hollander. The Mushroom Pickers Daughter is a wonderful, imaginative project that I am very happy to be a part of. I feel very lucky to have been chosen out of the myriad of actors who auditioned to lead this project. It is an original, whimsical, deeply considered and taut piece of drama. It defies the conventions of genre and cliche, leaving the viewer not with easy answers and simple conclusions but asks them to think and consider themselves and their realities. This I attribute very much to the director and auteur William Thomas Freeman. He has gathered a wonderfully cosmopolitan and technically adept crew and cast, whilst also setting the piece in one of the most beautiful and beguiling of European cities: Prague.