Behind the Scenes
Wood and Cottage photography by Patrícia Potancoková (@patik.po) / Night Club photography by Dahlia Ayoub ( INTERVIEW WITH THE DIRECTOR A NOTE FROM THE CO-PRODUCER A NOTE FROM EDWARD CARTWRIGHT (THOMAS CAREY)
"I’ve never had the opportunity to work with a reasonable budget or a crew before. In fact on all my previous shoots I shot, lit and directed at the same time and we barely had enough cash to feed the crew, let alone pay them. This project was shot on a budget of 8000 GBP (9000 Euros) over 5 days with a small but skilled crew. It was still a demanding shoot and although we were very lucky in some areas (we found a replacement strip club mere hours before shooting) we were very unlucky in others and we faced some problems with some very difficult people! I hope that this prequel does go some way towards giving an idea of what could and can be achieved on a low budget and with a hardworking, talented cast and crew." WILL THOMAS FREEMAN