About the Film
THE MUSHROOM PICKER'S DAUGHTER SYNOPSIS Thomas Carey is a skip tracer - he finds people who do not want to be found. We join Thomas a few months into his hardest case yet. He is on the hunt for the elusive and charmingly deviant Charles Vasey who abandoned his seemingly perfect life and wife four years previously. He was last seen, reportedly intoxicated and dishevelled, in the couple’s favourite city, Prague. We follow Charles’ trail on what transpires to be a surreal and vivacious journey through the Czech Republic. As Thomas desperately attempts to re-trace Charles’ footsteps he slowly starts to discover and understand the reasons why he went missing and begins to risk the very same thing happening to him.
Edward Cartwright as Thomas Carey - an expert skip-tracer at a crossroads in his life.
THE KEY CONCEPT THE MUSHROOM PICKER'S DAUGHTER is a film which explores what I believe to be the human condition The way we live- although necessary for a “peaceful” and easy life - is often contrary to our desires. Why do we do what we do? Why do we make the decisions we make? Because often it is the best thing for us, the best thing for our self-preservation - both physically and emotionally. Humans are terrified creatures, afraid of many things, but for most it is the “Unknown” and uncertainty that we fear the most. We give up on most of our fantasies early in life. The feelings and desires we used to feel so strongly, convinced ourselves we believed in, and promised ourselves in vain that we would pursue, fade away with time and are now laughed off as childish or hopeless fantasies.
However, some of these desires never truly disappear , they lie dormant deep within us and we sometimes secretly (often guiltily) crave them. The very inference of them occurring in in our tame and dull daily lives excites us and instils in us a renewed happiness and hope, and a belief that our fantasy is out there - that it could possibly, on the off chance, come true and be obtainable. This is sadly often only for a fleeting moment. Everyone wishes they were braver. The monotony of day-to-day life is a great antidote for ambition. It is often on holiday when we are filled with this renewed sense of “hope”. In moment of happiness, relaxation and beauty (time spent away from the “real” world) we are ready and set up to believe in fantasy once again. We promise ourselves that when we get home to our “normal” lives that we will hold on to this feeling and use it as fuel to get us to where we want to be. What we never think about is that those people (and it is often people or the mere glimpse into their life that I believe provokes the feeling) are the same as us. Most are also in a “stale” state of mind and waiting for their dreams to be reignited . Everyone is self-centred at their core. Those living in what we view as “paradise” with what we see as a “dream life” have their sights on their own paradise. There are very few, if any, people who exist who are truly content. We all want more of something or a taste of something new that we don't already possess. The Mushroom Picker’s Daughter is about a man who is brave enough to pursue his fantasies and realise them. He also happens to encounter the very people for whom he is the fantasy. In these brief moments, these moments where two separate fantasies are realised and have the potential to come to fruition - this is where the magic happens. This is a time so rare, and often so brief, that anything can happen. Things can even go a little bit crazy...
The poisonous and hallucinogenic "Witches Wart" mushrooms. Steven Dark as Alois Bohm - an avid mushroom picker who confronts a most horrible decision. Beata Fricova as Desire - a disturbed young girl who works in a strip club.
Charles Vasey, a charming yet deviant man - missing now for four years.