Catherine is a practitioner of “prescriptive music”; she performs the harp for the terminally ill.


Whilst observing their vital signs she tailors her playing to suit each client’s personality, state of mind and stage of expiration. Her music allows those who listen to her to enter into the unbinding process of letting go.


Alone in her large and sinister house she spends her nights provoked into practise by her majestic concert harp. A lonely and insular figure who’s eyes have been shaped by death, Catherine works tirelessly to help those in their final hours let go.


Why then can’t she bless herself with the same release?



Country: UK

Language: English

Runtime: 10 Minutes 30 Seconds




A Beautiful Death was written and directed by Will Thomas Freeman, an English filmmaker who is currently based in Prague, Czech Republic. He is currently working on getting his debut feature film "The Mushroom Picker's Daughter" off the ground. Will relocated to Prague in 2012 so that he could concentrate on his film-making without the obstructions and expenses of life in the UK. A Beautiful Death was shot in Guildford, Surrey on a shoestring budget.


A Beautiful Death stars Alex Reid (The Descent, Misfits), Edward Cartwright (The Mushroom Picker's Daughter Prequel, How Sherlock Changed the World) and Nick Ewan (28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead).


A Beautiful Death was shot by Oskar Kudlacik and gaffered by Rory Power. All sound, from recording, to editing to mixing, was produced and created by Petar Mrdjen, who also wrote all original music. The art direction and production design was headed by Gareth Rowntree.


A Beautiful Death was produced by Dantalion Films in co-operation with Period 8 Pictures, headed by Tom Woffenden and Chris Mitchell.